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Our Story

      The idea to organize Wheels, Inc. was inspired by the phenomenal success reaped by no less than its president, Ramon T. Goh, in a car exchange business he put up sometime in the early 70’s.  And from its early age, Wheels, Inc. gradually grew to gigantic dimensions and became the first automotive retail establishment of its size to advocate the multi-brand dealership.

      The team of young and dynamic people, led by the resolute Ramon Goh, attained a highly desirable level of success in running and managing the “Automall” that soon the automotive giants, who were in business long before Wheels, Inc. came into being, began to notice and felt that their hold of the industry was being threatened.


      Because of determination and driving energy deeply rooted and defined in its goals, Wheels was born to compete with the giants in the industry.

      Now, Wheels, Inc. stands as a strong pillar in the industry.  It has weathered the storm of uncertainties of the early 80’s, and the threats of big competition, and is determined to leave behind a legacy that is worthy of emulation.

      Indeed Wheels, Inc. has grown to become the better alternative… the better choice!

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