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Accounting Staff

Quezon City / Pasay

Job Type

Full Time

Job Description

1. Responsible for monitoring vehicle purchases and payables.
2. Develop Integrity and Confidentiality of all employees’ data benefits.
3. Submits accounting reports on time.
4. Ensure compliance of government requirements and reporting.
5. Supervise accounting staff in ensuring accurate reports.
6. Check compliance with listing rules and accounting standards.
7. Prepares check voucher for all vehicle payments
8. Ensures weekly payments for all mall display
9. Monitors and generates daily floor stock report (Vehicle)
10. Performs weekly physical inventory of units.


  • Preferably female,

  • Graduate of BS Accountancy only

  • With at least 6 months experience in handling accounting functions

  • Efficient and can relate well to any level of the organization

  • High level of proficiency with excel and financial system

  • Meticulous, analytical and independent worker

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